The ‘Via delle Sorelle’ is a two-way, multi-stage walk trail connecting Bergamo and Brescia. It’s a 130 km nature route passing through 34 municipalities, primarily in the hilly region. Along the way, you’ll come across two UNESCO World Heritage sites, three wine regions, parks, nature reserves, and Lake Iseo.

Discover Monte Tomenone, a natural terrace overlooking the High Po Valley and the perfect starting point for walks along the historical and natural routes of the area. Immerse yourself in nature: you’ll cycle through wooded areas marked by imposing oaks, elms, maples, and hornbeams; you will observe typical dry-stone walls and cultivations of traditional rows of vines.

Enjoy your ride!

The castles of Monte Tomenone loop (4 km)

This loop allows you to dive into the landscape of Monte Tomenone, reaching the Casello San Marco and its park for a rest. Explore the trails to the ruins of the Tomenone Castle, or walk along the medieval path of the Via Alta, and then, amidst woods and vineyards, descend to the Camozzi Vertova Castle or to the historic centre of Montello.