The Church of Saint Peter di Mezzate is a small Romanesque church that probably dates back to the 10th century and has undergone several modifications over time. The oldest frescos inside date back to the 13th century.

Welcome to Bagnatica, a charming town located on the last hills of Val Cavallina, in the province of Bergamo. The beauty of the hill system, sacred buildings and paths in the hill landscape are just some of the wonders that can be discovered in this area. Don’t miss the tollbooth of San Marco and its park. You can also visit the church of San Giovanni Battista and admire the beautiful Villa Belvedere.

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The castles of Monte Tomenone loop (4 km)

These loops will allow you to dive into the landscape of Monte Tomenone, reaching the casello San Marco and its park for a break. Explore the trails to the ruins of Castello Tomenone or follow the medieval path of Via Alta, and then descend through forests and vineyards towards Castello Camozzi Vertova or the historic center of Montello.