Piazza Vecchia is the heart of the historic center in the Upper Town. Here, and in the nearby Piazza Duomo, are some of the city’s most important monuments: The Campanone (whose bell tolls one hundred chimes every evening at 10 p.m.), Santa Maria Maggiore, the Colleoni Chapel, the Cathedral, the Palazzo della Ragione, and the Library “Biblioteca Mai”.

Città Alta, the heart of Bergamo. Famous for its historical and architectural beauty, is surrounded by the UNESCO World Heritage Venetian Walls and it is the perfect place to admire splendid monuments and enjoy breathtaking views of Città Bassa. Discover its riches by strolling through the ancient streets along the ‘beauty mile’ itinerary. The itinerary, descending, will lead you to the museum pole of Accademia Carrara and GAMeC. Ascending, it will take you on the best tour of Città Alta.

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Venetian Walls of Bergamo loop (3 km)

By cycling up through Porta S. Agostino, you can travel along the Venetian Walls in both directions. Starting clockwise, the bike route offers spectacular panoramic views. After passing Porta San Giacomo, you will face a gentle incline that will lead you to Colle Aperto. From there, you will descend towards Porta del Pantano Inferiore. The final northern section is recommended to be done on foot. You will reach St Augustine’s Gate again.