History of Seriate

Anyone who wanted to go from Bergamo to Brescia or vice versa around 900 AD would have had to cross the Serio River. The bridge that was built soon served as an important crossing point and was built beginning in 949 AD, leading to the birth of Seriate.

Seriana Valley

Stretches 55 km across Lombardy, starting in Bergamo and flowing northeast. It reaches its highest altitude at Pizzo Coca, at 3,052 m.

In the historic center, west of the Serio River, take a moment to admire Villa Guarinoni and the Sanctuary of Madonna del Buon Consiglio. Further to the north, you can appreciate the sixteenth-century Villa dei Tasso, which hosted Torquato Tasso and the painter Gianbattista Tiepolo, or the mural by the renowned street artist Blu. To the south of the center, you can visit the Church of St. Alessandro Martire.

Enjoy your ride!