The core of Bornato Castle is a mighty Roman stronghold erected to guard the consular road that joined Bergamo to Brescia. The castle is surrounded by 300 metres of crenellated walls, with towers and buttresses, moats and a drawbridge. Over the centuries the castle became a meeting point for artists and poets, among whom Dante Alighieri deserves mention. Today it is home to a renowned winery and can be visited by appointment.

In addition to the castle and historic churches, Bornato is home to important aristocratic buildings including Palazzo Fanti, Palazzo Secco d’Aragona and Palazzo Gatti. Not to be missed is a visit to the Old Parish Church of San Bartolomeo, an ancient place of worship and a reference point for the community in the high medieval period, with an interesting historical stratification dating back to Roman times. A break in the greenery at the nature area on the edge of the small lake is recommended.

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