The Palazzo della Loggia is the best example of Renaissance architecture in Brescia and a symbol of the city. It was built starting in 1492 and modified several times. The history of the Palace is complex, as its construction was repeatedly interrupted, for political or military reasons. However, it is known that the building was intended to house the offices of the city magistracies. It was designed by renowned architects, including Jacopo Sansovino and Tommaso Formenton.

Welcome to Brescia, the city of the Mille Miglia with an outstanding UNESCO heritage: the monumental area of the monastic complex of San Salvatore - Santa Giulia and the archaeological area of the Capitolium. Admire the Castle on the hill, symbol of the city with the Pusterla Vineyard, the largest urban vineyard in Europe. Take a tour of the three squares: Loggia, Vittoria and Paolo VI with the splendid Broletto Palace and be enchanted by the works in the Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo, of the MA.COF., the centre of Italian photography and the contemporary art of Mo.Ca and C.AR.M.E. in the former church of San Filippo and Giacomo.

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