Brusaporto is distinguished by its excellent viticulture, which the inhabitants have passionately maintained for centuries. In the two wine-growing areas Colleoni and Valcalepio, the excellent selection of red, white and fine sparkling wines is produced.

We are in Brusaporto, a quiet municipality in the province of Bergamo with a fascinating history. Here you can discover the remains of an ancient medieval fortification on the Tomenone hill. You can admire the Villa Belvedere, with its characteristic crenellated tower. Among the most important churches are the parish church of Santa Margherita, the one dedicated to the Holy Family and that of San Martino. You can also admire the Brusaporto Castle, which belonged to the important Guelph Bergamasque Rivola family and was used as a defensive bulwark. For nature lovers, the public park of Brusaporto offers a green space to relax and enjoy the landscape. Pass through the vine arbour and admire the vineyards on the slopes of the first hills.

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