The Suardi Castle in Chiuduno is one of the oldest in the whole of Bergamo area. There are documents attesting to its existence before 1000 AD. The castle is located in San Michele, the oldest core of the village and was built to control the road to Brescia.

In Chiuduno, we recommend a short walk to explore a small delightful village, dominated by the medieval Suardi Castle, and the Church of San Michele, from whose terrace you can enjoy a beautiful view of the town. Along the way, you’ll also see Villa Ortensia, Villa Brugali with its avenue, the vineyards, the art installations, Villa Goltara, and the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. A curiosity not to be missed for the little ones is a Moai statue, erected by the inhabitants of Easter Island in 2015.

Enjoy your ride!