The so-called Carmagnola castle is a fortified building with a square plan and a moat, now converted into a garden. The lower part still has a mediaeval appearance while the upper floors show the modifications that made it a residence from the 15th century onwards. Today, a restored wing is used for banquets and weddings and can be visited on specific occasions.

Clusane on Lake Iseo is a picturesque hamlet that takes its name from its location between the locks (‘chiuse’ in italian). In its centre is the Carmagnola Castle, a splendid building, the origins of which date back to the 4th century. A Cluniac monastery was built around the walls of the castle in the 11th century. Other attractions in the village are the parish church of Cristo Re, the Clusane bell tower and Palazzo Rondella, with its large park overlooking the lake.

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