The village of Costa di Mezzate is a true medieval place. The main attraction is probably the Camozzi Vertova Castle, which can be visited occasionally with guided tours by Terre del Vescovado. If you stop by during the cultural event “Borgo in festa,” you can learn more about daily life in the Middle Ages.

In the charming village of Costa di Mezzate, located at the outlet of Val Cavallina, discover the Camozzi Vertova Castle, the main attraction of the place. The history-rich village also boasts the Zoppi and Rasetto Tower, erected in the Middle Ages as a watchtower connected to the castle. Legend has it that Garibaldi’s footsteps can be heard at night. Admire the Palazzo Gout and make a stop at the Casello di San Marco. Immerse yourself in the history and culture of Costa di Mezzate.

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