The Camozzi Vertova Castle was built in the 10th century to defend the Lombard plain from invaders coming from the Val Camonica and the Brenner. It was awarded to the Ghibelline Alberto degli Albertonis de Capitaneis de Vertua, representing the Lombard League in Lodi. In the following centuries, it became a stately residence owned by the Camozzi - Vertova family. It boasts a stunning Italian garden, and its interior features both Renaissance and Baroque elements. Guided tours of the castle can be arranged by booking in advance.

The village of Costa di Mezzate lies at the foot of the Colle Alto, also known as Colle San Geminiano. At its summit stands a lookout tower, connected to the Camozzi Vertova Castle below, from which you can enjoy a beautiful panorama. Take a break near the San Marco tollbooth or Cascina Fuì, showcasing the village’s rural tradition. Don’t miss ‘Magie al Borgo’, an international street art festival held every year in April to celebrate St. George’s Day.

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The castles of Monte Tomenone loop (4 km)

This loop allows you to dive into the landscape of Monte Tomenone, reaching the Casello San Marco and its park for a rest. Explore the trails to the ruins of the Tomenone Castle, or walk along the medieval path of the Via Alta, and then, amidst woods and vineyards, descend to the Camozzi Vertova Castle or to the historic centre of Montello.