At the end of an impressive tree-lined avenue, on the Calvario hill, stands a chapel with a simple design and a rustic appearance. It is what remains of the original church of Santa Croce, dating back to 1647.

The area is rich in ancient churches, among which is the parish church of Grumello del Monte, dedicated to the Holy Trinity. Designed by Gian Battista Canina, its interior houses significant works, including some sculptures by Andrea Fantoni, a polyptych by Vittore Carpaccio, paintings by Carobbio, and an organ by Serassi. Not to be missed, the Church of San Pantaleone Martyr, from where to enjoy a wonderful view. The surrounding hills are dotted with the vineyards of Val Calepio. Take a break at a local farmstay to enjoy local produce and the excellent wine.

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