The Monastic Complex and Villa la Santissima in Gussago stand on the Barbisone hill and was for a long time entrusted to the Dominican Fathers. It includes the church dedicated to the Holy Trinity, dating back to the 11th century, and the Santella dell’Inganni with an important fresco from 1860. During the 19th century, La Santissima was an important cultural center, hosting artists, architects, and painters. It can be reached on foot from the village centre.

Situated among the hills, Gussago is an area rich in monuments not to be missed, including the Santissima complex, the Church of Santa Maria Vecchia also known as Pieve di Gussago, rich in Christian and pagan symbolism, the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Piazza Vittorio Veneto, the heart of the town, the urban vineyard of Villa Pace and Palazzo Richiedei with its gardens.

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