In the surroundings of Monterotondo, the remains of the old Brescia-Iseo railway are still visible. Although it became operational only in 1885, the railway was already decommissioned between 1920 and 1939. The winding track of the railway is still partly accessible for a few short stretches between Monterotondo and Borgonato, and near Iseo. The old toll booths and a few old stations can still be found along the route.

Monterotondo is a small agricultural village resting on the slopes of gentle, fertile hills with a vocation for wine production. The parish church of San Vigilio is worth a visit. Near the village you can see the small Bracchi Lake and the site of the ancient Brescia - Iseo railway.

Enjoy your ride!

Vineyards and the Historic Center of Borgonato loop (6 km)

The loop intersects with the ancient Brescia-Iseo railway and will lead you to the village of Borgonato, with the 16th-century noble palace of the Berlucchi family and the village of San Vitale. You will pedal through some of the most beautiful vineyards of Franciacorta, discovering the Madonna dell’Inquine, a small countryside church on a little hill.