In the main square of Paderno stands the Oldofredi Castle, first mentioned in 1009, but it could be older. Due to its unprotected location in open countryside, it has often been the victim of conflicts, disputes, and looting. For this reason, after the restoration of the 19th century, it significantly differs from the original.

Welcome to the smallest municipality in Franciacorta, with an area of only 5.5 km², half of which is dedicated to agricultural cultivation and more than a quarter to vines. Don’t miss: Paderno Castle, a historic medieval fortress located in the main square, the 16thcentury church of Santa Maria in Castello and the parish church.

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Castles of Franciacorta (9 km)

Starting to pedal towards Bornato, this loop passes through Passirano Castle and Villa Fassati Barba. Once in the village, you can admire Bornato Castle, Palazzo Gatti, Villa Orlando, the church of S. Antonio, the old parish of San Bartolomeo and more attractions. The ride continues through the calm countryside until you reach Paderno Franciacorta with Villa Falconi, Tesa Mirabella, and the splendid Parish Church.