The Villa Maria complex holds a historical heritage of great interest. Beyond the neo-Gothic façade characterised by portals and steeples, a large park extends inside, overlooked by Villa Paolina, built on the remains of the ancient castle of Saiano, itself founded on Roman structures. The church of Santo Stefano faces, strangely enough, inside the complex and has its apse on the village square.

The municipality of Rodengo Saiano is located within the Parco delle Colline, one of the largest green areas in the territory with its 4000 hectares. Don’t miss: the Church of Christ the King, the Olivetan Benedictine Abbey of San Nicola, the Franciscan convent of Calvary, the ancient complex of the Masperoni villa and palace with its rustic stone portals, Villa Maria in neo-Gothic style, Villa Paolina, Villa Molinari, and Villa Fenaroli in Corneto. In the Museum of Industry and Labor (Museo dell’industria e del lavoro), you can admire an extraordinary collection of industrial machinery and tools.

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