Sarnico shows a significant presence of Art Nouveau buildings by the Milanese architect G. Sommaruga. He was called to Sarnico in 1907 to transform an old spinning mill into an Art Nouveau villa and later, he realised his masterpiece: villa Faccanoni. The characteristics of the Art Nouveau style consist of motifs inspired directly from life, especially from the plant and floral world, with much freedom of application.

Sarnico was one of the richest municipalities in Italy thanks to its strategic location. Known for Riva motorboats, symbol of the dolce vita, whose shipyards can be visited. The town’s attractions include the former church of the Madonna di Nigrignano, the historic Fontanì lido, the Pesenti aristocratic chapel, the Bellini picture gallery and the splendid Villa Faccanoni, situated in a panoramic position on the lake shore and surrounded by a beautiful garden.

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