In the locality of Porto Calepio, once tied to the navigation of the Oglio River, stood the imposing spinning mill, built between li 1873 and 1887. The spinning mill represents a remarkable example of late 19th-century industrial architecture. It was expanded several times until it became one of the largest in the area, among the top 10 in the province of Bergamo. In 1917 it was sold to the Società Elettrica Bresciana and has since changed hands and use several times. The canal that brought water to the spinning mill still remains visible.

Porto is a hamlet of Castelli Calepio located on the western bank of the Oglio river, renowned for its wine production in the Valcalepio area. Along the river you can admire natural sights and many hydraulic structures, dams and the old canals that brought water to the mills and spinning mills. Among the main attractions is the Filanda: an example of late 19thcentury industrial architecture.

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Medieval village of Castelli Calepio loop (4 km)

This loop takes you to discover some of the area’s beauty. It starts at the church of San Pietro and leads to the municipal villa, then on to the villa with dovecote towers in Tagliuno. Not to be missed is the ancient village of Castel de’Conti, with its medieval buildings, the church of San Lorenzo, the castle and the view of the Oglio valley.