Villa Fassati Barba is the ancestral home of the ancient Fenaroli family, known for its elegant residences throughout Brescia. Of particular beauty is the centuries-old park, from which you can gaze out at the surroundings, for instance towards the Castle.

Immerse yourself in this fabulous landscape of hills, vineyards and olive groves. In the nearby village you will come across the pretty church of Maria Ausiliatrice and the Castle of Passirano, a medieval jewel built in the 1100s for defensive purposes. The castle preserves the ancient crenellated walls, part of the moat and the two towers including the Torre della Specola, used as an astronomical observatory in the 1600s. Nowadays only its exteriors can be visited.

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Castles of Franciacorta loop (9 km)

Starting the cycling journey from Paderno Franciacorta with Villa Falconi, Tesa Mirabella, and the splendid Parish Church, you will continue through the vineyards to reach Bornato. In the village, you can admire, amongst more attractions, Bornato Castle, Palazzo Gatti, Villa Orlando, the church of S. Antonio, and the old parish of San Bartolomeo. The ride passes through Passirano Castle and Villa Fassati Barba to rejoin the main route in Passirano with Passirano Castle.”